Ellen Blom ID - english

Ellen Blom ID - english



Ellen Blom ID / performing arts consultancy

started in the fall of 2010 and focuses on international and intercultural exchange in the performing arts.


Please contact me:

for advice, project organization, as a programmer or for concept development in the performing arts

if you have plans for touring in The Netherlands

if you are searching for the right Dutch partners to work with

to promote international exchange in general

to develop new partnerships in performing arts

for fundraising activities.


In the past:

From 2001-2010 I have worked as a programmer at Stadsschouwburg Utrecht, one of the bigger theatres in The Netherlands. In that period, I was responsible for more than thirty international tours with theatre companies from Turkey, Morocco, Surinam and the Antilles. In addition, I developed specific productions with different partners, like folkdance workshops and shows for Dutch amateur dancers, in cooperation with Turkish partners; a special concert where Moroccan and Andalucian influences were mixed; young hindustan artists with surprising talents, brought together in one program; urban dance shows with local and national talent.


Recent activities:

Since April 2013 I coordinate the Dutch theatre network Stichting Raamwerk, with a growing number of interested theatres who like to present international programs in their city. In 2018, 30 venues have joined the Raamwerk club.

Since 2015 Raamwerk took the initiative to book and/or produce for the Dutch network several tours, with companies  like the French group Cirque Inextremiste, comedian Trygve Wakenshaw and a tour with the Catalan group Agrupación Señor Serrano, A House in Asia.

In the fall of 2016, Volker Gerling presented his performance Portraits in Motion in The Netherlands. In 2018 Raamwerk organised the tour A Simple Space from Gravity & Other Myths, again in cooperation with the Aurora Nova agency in Berlin.




With my own foundation Stichting ID Productions I have produced a cross-over concert where flamenco music meets the Amazigh (Moroccan) Izran tradition:

Flamenco Amazigh. In 2015, 2016 and 2017 the project toured in The Netherlands and Belgium. Have a look at www.facebook.com/flamenco.amazigh.

Now on tour: Casa Iberica, performed by 5 fantastic musicians who mix fado and flamenco traditions in an innovative way.

If you are interested to book the concerts, please contact me directly. Foto: Paulien Verlackt.

Erminia in actie foto 2015 c Paulien Verlackt - 019 smal





Other examples of projects to which I have been involved:


NiNsee National Institute Dutch Slavery history and inheritance

Advice and fundraising for a theatre production.

Performing Arts Fund NL

Member/Chairman of several committees, including the one to decide about International projects. The Performing Arts Fund is the most important fund for the performing arts in the Netherlands.

RAST Theatre Company

Promotion and fundraising for a Hamlet production in Kurmanci (Kurdish dialect), touring in the fall of 2012 in Turkey, Germany, Sweden and The Netherlands.